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HarrisWeb Creative is a multi-facetted Web Marketing, Web Design, Graphics company in Milton Ontario

HarrisWeb Creative has been in business since 1954 and has spanned 3 generations in Milton Ontario. We started in the Office Supply business and added printing. It only made sense to do Graphic Design for our customers. Computers came along and then the web and we learned to make websites. With web design we evolved into the search engine optimization field and with the revolution in search engine optimization, we expanded into web marketing.

Contacting Us

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Hello, I'm Steve Bonin, coder, designer and search engine marketer at HarrisWeb Creative. I started designing for print in the 1980's & designed my first website in 1999. I continue to design for print, mainly for web-clients who require their marketing collateral be consistent across platforms.

I write my own code, do my own graphics and market using best practices SEO techniques and AdWords.

Reviews from Happy Clients

Review: Website Design & Google Integration

5/5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

Review: Knows Google Properties

5/5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

Better Web Design

I do website design from first principles starting by defining an audience and a message for my clients. From there we choose a colour palette and fonts to reflect the theme and style of the entire site. I code websites by hand or using a WordPress theme depending on the client needs. For more information and examples of my designs see my Website Design page.

Image Selection

A picture is worth a thousand words - I spend a great deal of time choosing just the right images for my client's websites, so the message is conveyed with just the proper flavour needed for the intended audience

Content Writing

Almost all the content I use in client's websites is researched and written by me. I send rough drafts to my clients, that usually only make minor changes to the text. One of my strengths is to distill technical material down to salient points and deliver that content in plain English for audience consumption.

Mobile Design

Mobile or Responsive website design became a Google ranking factor in April 2015. More than 50% of all access to websites is from a mobile device and this grows each day. My websites now are all consider responsive design as the standard. I usually modify WordPress themes for better responsivenes based on the actual site design. For information on mobile or responsive design see: Why you want a mobile-responsive design

Web Development

Web Development involves coding whereas Web Design is more concerned with visuals and written content. Website Development uses programming languages like HTML & CSS to order and present a document. JavaScript is used to size, move or restyle elements on the fly. It can also be used to pull in assets from other websites or create applications like a calculator. PHP is a powerful language that interfaces front end web browsers on the client-side (that is on your computer) with databases on the server-side (where the website is hosted) PHP can control forms, collect data, create security layers or track website engagement. To see some samples of my application development go to my Web Development  page.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Search Engine Marketing, SEM, is what Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is today. SEO in the past dealt with many technical aspects of how search engines worked, and used tactics to move webpages higher up in the SERPs - Search Engine Results Page. With changes in Google's algorithm, the addition of "quick answer" boxes in SERPs and the focus on more local results for many queries, user behaviour has become the focus of many websites. Reaching and wooing consumers is really more about marketing than technical issues - though the technical issues have to be in good order also. Inbound links, Site Structure, Keywords and Content Depth still all play important roles in ranking a website. More information on On-site SEO basics see: On-Site SEO Basics Guide