Adwords & PPC Management in Milton | Pay-per-click Advertising

HarrisWeb Creative offers Google AdWords & PPC Campaign Management in Milton, Ontario.

Adwords Campaign Management requires close attention to detail, ongoing measurement of user behaviour and adjustments to maximize Return On Investment. We are Google Adwords Search Certified. Harrisweb is in Milton, Ontario.

Increase Return on Investment with Lower Budgets

Did you know you can achieve a higher position than a competitor while maintaining a lower bid by increasing your quality score See: About Ad position and Ad Rank

How to increase your AdWords quality score:

  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Group keywords into Ad Groups that are highly targeted
    • 1 or 2 Ad Groups for specific web pages on your site
    • Further refine Ad Groups into sub group ideas if applicable
    • Write targeted text for ads for each Ad Group
  • Enable Ad Extensions
  • Limit use of Broad keyword matching
  • Add Google Tag Manager to track user flow
  • Improve landing page quality
  • Analyze and Adjust

You can also read: Using Quality Score to Guide Optimizations: Google Best Practices

Increase Click-Through Rate with more qualified clicks

You can increase your CTR with more qualified leads using mostly "phrase match" and [exact match] keywords and by careful attention to negative keywords. The aim would be to weed out clicks from users not intending to buy your products. In addtion, you can use geo-targeting to home-in on your trading area. Similarly, you can use ad-scheduling and bid adjustments to stop your ads from showing when your customers are not looking, like 3am local time.

You can use all these tactics to qualify your clicks, so when your ads show, it is to users who are really looking for your products and your Click-Through Rate will increase.

You can find an article on Search Engine Land: 8 Quick Ways to Increase Your AdWords CTR

How Much time does AdWords & PPC take?

The reality is this takes a concentrated effort to do all this and weekly attention to analyze & make adjustments. If you are pressed for time, contact me about managing your AdWords account for you. I am Google Certified for Adwords Search.

Using Google Analytics to View AdWords Data

If you link your AdWords and Analytics Google properties, AdWords data can be seen in your analytics reports. With this in place you can see Bounce Rate, Pages/visit, Avg. Visit Duration, New vs Returning customers, Exit pages, and much more.

The data can be viewed by campaign, ad group, or keyword. This allows for deciphering user behaviour and helps to adjust AdWords campaigns to greater profitability. An example of this might be tracking ad positions and CTR, sometimes the top position is not worth the extra cost. Or you can track time of day, or day of week metrics to see when you should raise of lower bids on a keyword.

Further Reading in a more-in-depth article at Search Engine Land: These 10 Analytics Reports Will Improve Your AdWords Results

GTM - Google Tag Manager to Track Specifics

Google Tag Manager - GTM, allows for the addition of "Tags" that are fired by "Triggers" added to a website without altering the website code.

Tags can be triggered by many different events - for example:

  • clicking a link
  • submitting a form
  • watching a video
  • document download
  • how far someone scrolls down the page

With GTM we can get down to the granular level of user behaviour.

Lunametrics has a good introductory article: What Is Google Tag Manager? (And How Does It Work With Google Analytics?)

Case Study: Optimized AdWords Campaign

In the 3rd quarter of 2016 we built a campaign for an ongoing client. We built the website for them in 2015. The services ranged from $2500.00 to $15000.00, so not an everyday item. Theses service are in a narrow niche. After 30 Days:

  • 6226 impressions
  • 295 Sessions
  • 4.64 Avg. Click Through Rate
  • 3.05% bounce rate
  • 3.67 pages/session
  • 3 Sales inquiries
  • $600.61 cost

Notes: The cost per aquisition for this campaign was ~$200.00; when compared to the selling price this is a good deal. The CTR of 4.64 is an average over 39 keywords, many keyword performed better than this. The aquisitions were tracked using GTM and viewed in Analytics.