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Read about: Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Website Design, Web Development & Applications, Graphic Design and bit about Commercial Printing, in Milton, Ontario.

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Includes articles on SEO, search engine optimization, marketing, keywords, linking structure, on-page and off-page considerations and semantic search

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Articles about design strategies, connecting to an audience, graphic design, how different graphics are used to target different demographics and some links to websites I have designed.

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Graphic design for both websites and print are explored in this section. Shapes, colour, style, and as always target audience.

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As we started in the printing industry there are still many blogs here pertaining to printing, design for print, paper, print-brokering, and more.

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For all those things that do not fall in the other categories. Here you will find stuff about being a father, grandfather; discussions on social justice, philosophy, spirituality and some business stuff.