Email Marketing: Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Yes email marketing has the biggest bang for your advertising dollar!  A bold statement in a world that yells “Social Media”, read all about it, “Social Media will solve all your woes!”  …  Just 2 bits per bottle, Dr. S. Media’s Health Elixir is from the mysterious jungles of the Amazon Rain Forests,  and is guaranteed to put starch back in your shorts, grow hair, remove hair and  …


Okay, okay, I am being hard on SM here (no pun)   Well, yes there is, I just couldn’t resist.  Social Media is here to stay and definitely has its place in the web’s landscape, including the search engine algorithms of the world.  It is also a good place to engage potential customers and drive them to your own website and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.


Tempus Fugit!

You have a limited time budget, we all do.  You have to wear more hats than I can mention here, and now, you have to learn how to set up Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and don’t forget Pintrest, Stumble upon, and the list keeps going.  You spend your time updating all these platforms in an attempt to stay current and all the while, you are building up the credentials of the platform.  Let me say that again, you are building up the the platform’s cred!  Like throwing your seeds on your neighbour’s lawn hoping some of it will blow back into your yard.


Tilling your own soil:

What would happen if you spent most of that time building up an email list, getting customers to opt-in to a mailing list and engaging them in an interesting way.  How many contacts do you have, how many would allow you to send them an email each month?.  While building your list you are building your own credentials, telling people who you are and what you can do for them.


Playing by the numbers:

Imagine that you have a “opt-in” list of 1000 subscribers,   If you had 1000 friends on Facebook how many are going to see your post at 2:00 in the afternoon?  If you had 1000 followers on Twitter – less than 10 would ever see your tweet.


If you send an email blast out to 1000 subscribers the stats tell us that 25% to 35% would open your email and about 3% will click a link contained in your email. 


You are reaching more than 35%:

Of those 350 people who open your email, some are the same every month while others are not.  So this tells us another thing that even if someone does not read your email, they probably saw it in their inbox and it reminds them of you and they remember you (and what you do).


Dear John,

One of the most powerful things you can use is mail merge, because people love the sound of their own name.  And you have established a connection with your audience.  Of that 1000 people, if someone wrote you back, or commented on your blog, you are unlikely to forget them and when you write, “Dear John” you mean it, even if it is through mail merge, it resonates that indefinable connection we all share as humans.


Building Sales:

It is called the “little yes” and what it is, is that your audience is saying “yes” to your email, yes to you staying in contact with them, and yes to some future purchase as yet undefined.  People buy from people they know, and like, so if someone remembers you, when a need arises at work, they stand up and say, “I know a guy.”

 Guess what?  You are that guy!


I love the smell of email in the morning:

I don’t know if you have ever bothered to look at when I send my emails, well it is early in the morning.  Why?  Many of my customers are on the train or bus, on their way to work at 6:00am, and what are they doing?  Checking their email of course.  As a whole we spend, on average, 20 to 25 minutes out of every hour that we are online checking or responding to email.  In the business world it has become the chosen communication method.


My experience with email:

I get about a 30% open rate for each email I send.  I get the best open rates, say 35% to 40% when the email is sent early morning, mid week.  I get a click through rate of about 3%.  I close about 3 jobs each time I send out an email…and most of the time it has nothing to do with the email content.

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