Improving Your Search Position

Improving your search position

With the diminishing returns from traditional marketing techniques such as printed directory advertising, local newspaper ads, broadcast radio and cable television, businesses, especially local small businesses, are seriously looking at alternative marketing techniques. The internet offers an attractive vehicle because it is seeming low cost or even free, it appears to only take a little time; and  if you have employees, you can task them with making it all work.

Improving your search position and creating a web presence take some work, time, money or both.  In this video I attempt to define a measured approach to creating or improving your web presence.  You can sign up for my newsletter here and get tips on design, SEO, and using social media.



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  1. So impressed Steve! Read the article and watched the video. When I saw the date, I was amazed as the evergreen content here is still so relevant today. Bravo, my friend! Well done. 🙂

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