website design milton - acquired personnel

Website Design Milton – Acquired Personnel

Website Design Milton Ontario – Acquired Personnel

HarrisWeb Creative does website design in Milton Ontario. Acquired Personnel is a client from early in 2015. They came to me with a website that really wasn’t working for them. The fonts were too small, the page titles didn’t make a lot of sense, the content was fragmented and the images were just so-so. You can see the final website at Acquired Personnel

Defining the Audience

The first thing I noted is there were really 2 audiences that this site had to appeal to:

  1. Workers needing employment
  2. Employers requiring temp workers

A Simple Clear Message

As I always do, I try to grab a user’s attention with images. In this case i decided to use large images in a 3 image slider with a very simple message.  In the first slide there is an empty tow-motor and the message asks, “Need Workers”,

We then slide to a businessman, knowing that most of the employers are male and over 40, I chose the greying businessman image with a cell phone and added the simple message, “call us”.

The final slide is of a smiling 20-something worker sitting in a tow-motor, eliciting the thoughts that the empty tow-motor in the first slide is now filled with a happy worker. The message reads, “We have What you need”

Easy Navigation

Going back to the audience definition, I wanted to use words in the navigation that were clear so I chose “Job Seekers” and “Employers”

Job Seekers Page

Again I used a simple slider on this page, you can see it here at: Job Seekers.  The slider reflects both male and female employees, happy smiling faces with a simple message: “Looking for Work, Got Skills?, We Want You”

The client liked to post jobs on their Facebook page so we included a FB feed on this page, a few short paragraphs to let the job seeker know the types of jobs they offered, that they need to book an appointment and that APS has great success in filling positions.  There is also a link to a printable job application.

Employers’ Page

You can see the Employers Page here which uses the same structure as the Job Seekers page.  The simple message is, “Need more hands? Tired of employee hassels?, Let us take care of it, so you don’t have to!”

There are some client reviews and short paragraphs outlining services offered.


Images and simple messages play an important role in this website. There are many websites around that offer these services in this area, so this one has to grab the attention very quickly and let the user know they came to the right place.  Additional data, in the form of written content, are further down on the page, so users that are interested, can glean more information.

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