Why Design a Mobile Website for your Business

Did you know that worldwide more websites are accessed via mobile devices than desktop computers

Mobile Friendly Websites are becoming increasingly important in today’s highly mobile world. UPDATE: as of April 2015 Google will use Mobile Friendliness as a ranking factor for websites in search. Did you know that worldwide more websites are accessed via mobile devices than desktop computers.  Until now (2013) the number of people accessing the web with mobile devices in North America has been less than 50% but, according to Gartner   this will change – more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online.

So what you ask?

According to Google,( you know, the guys that will buy the planet Earth in 2036…[I just made that up]), 72 percent of mobile users say it’s important to them that websites are mobile-friendly, yet 96 percent have visited a site that doesn’t work well on their device.

It gets worse…

Business Woman frustrated with smartphone
“Where’s the freeking’ Website!”
 Only about 17% of users will stick around if your site is not mobile-friendly while 79% will just search for your competitors site…I guess the other 4% just give up or didn’t understand the question.  55% of respondents who had frustrating experiences with a website say that it hurts their opinion of the company as a whole.


The good news is…

If your site is optimized for mobile use, almost 75% of respondents say they would revisit your site again – yippee!

So what does it cost?

More good news – most mobile websites can be developed for between  $250 and $500, pretty small potatoes compared to what you spend on your main website.

So what do users want in a mobile friendly site?

  • Fast Fast Fast, you got 5 seconds – GO!
  • BIG BUTTONS you should be able to push with your nose
  • NO sideways scrolling, it should all fit the device width
  • Put live links to phone and email on the landing page with a Google Map link to a live map
  • Have a dropdown menu page for sites with more than 3 pages
  • Pay close attention to responsive design, the website should look good in all sizes and dimensions
  • Clean, clear, concise design is the way to go.

Strike while the iron is hot – 2015 is the year to add a mobile site to your online presence

Google Resources for Mobile Friendly Testing:





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