Graphic Design for Web or Print Media in Milton Ontario

HarrisWeb Creative offers Graphic Design for Web or Print media in Milton, Ontario.

Graphic Design is the means to connect your message to the your audience in the fastest and most eloquent way. Graphics and typography reflect your message and your audience at the same time.

Graphic Design

Graphic design at its core should simply should reflect:

  • the audience
  • the messenger
  • a simple message

Psychology of Design

Our brains organize images in groups of sameness. such as animals, people, nature, etc.

The group of images has a greater impact on memory than any single image.

We also remember things that are nonsensical better, things that are outside the realm of what is expected.

So if we combine these two concepts and create a layout with an image that is both memorable but nonsensical to the message, but is still somehow tied to the message, we get a memory hook.

Emotion is another way to hook a memory. If an image elicits an emotion within us, and the message is simple, we are likely to remember the message. Humour acts in much the same way.

Example of Humour in Graphics humour in graphics

Graphic Design in History

At times graphics give voice to a Geo-political epoch in history such as the west coast North American 1960's or the French Art-Deco periods. These times in history gave rise to graphics that reflected the mood of the period, which in many ways, was a wider audience. For an in-depth discussion of the relationships between speaker, graphics and audience please visit our blog post:
Good Graphic Design...What is it?

Example of a Memory Hook

Below we have an image of a handsome, well-muscled man, someone we may want to be, or know. Our brains file this with a group of images. The tag line Graphics with Muscle is nonsensical in that the idea of muscle goes with the picture but not necessarily with Graphics, yet the phrase has meaning to us and hopefully sticks in the audience's memory.

well muscled man - Graphics with Muscle