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Milton Ontario, Gazebo on Mill Pond, picture taken by Steve Bonin copyright 2012

Gazebo on Mill Pond, Milton Ontario | © Steve Bonin 2012

HarrisWeb Creative offers web design by an in-house, experienced website designer in Milton, Ontario.

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Your website deserves serious attention by a serious web designer. Web design is more than pretty pictures with a few keywords scattered about. A serious website design requires planning, attention to detail, a knowledge of SEO, Search Engine Marketing, colour theory, typography, human psychology and the ability to write for the web. We do all this and more.

Website Design

Website Design Milton

We have built websites in Milton since 1999. Website Design remains our passion in the internet marketing world. We love to write content and marry it to just the right image to reflect the mood. For us designing websites is an expression of the soul - not just another wordpress site!
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Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing, search engine optimization milton

We service clients in Milton and around the globe. We offer tailored solutions to web marketing that are geared to your business. We do what you need done to get your customers buying from you. Each business is different and each marketing plan needs to reflect those differences.
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AdWords Management

Google Adwords Certified Management in Milton Ontario

You don't have to leave Milton to find Google Certified AdWords Search management services. AdWords is a highly effective & easily measured platform to acquire customers. It is also complex & time consuming. We achieve higher CTR, lower CPC, and more conversions for our clients.
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Web Development

Web Development and Website Applications in Milton

Website development involves customizing applications for your particular need. This could include a custom calculator, or questionnaire to help your clients determine what product they need. Call us to find out why many Milton businesses have trusted HarrisWeb Creative to create their websites for them.
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Town Hall Milton Ontario taken by Steve Bonin copyright 2012

Milton Town Hall Circa 2010 © 2010 Steve Bonin

Our Roots are in Milton

The Bonin Family first settled in Milton in 1922 at Christie (Kelso) and have remained in the Milton-Heights area ever since. The Harris Family came here in the early 1940's. Ron Harris, the founder of Harris Stationery and Office Supplies, on Main Street Milton, was an active figure in Milton politics, serving as counsellor, Deputy-Reeve and Reeve at the Town Hall. He was also a founding member the Milton District Hospital Board, that built the original hospital at its current location. He was also instrumental in the beginning of Milton Chamber of Commerce, of which we are still a member.

The Bonin and Harris families joined forces in 1959. B.A. & Zella continued to run the business on Main Street until 1987. I took over the reigns in 1988 and the business changed focus, away from office supplies, toward business services, including graphic design, custom programming, then website design and development and finally to Search Engine Marketing.

Happy Clients in the Milton Area

" Working with Steve was a pleasure--he was fast, professional, knowledgable, has great creative instincts."
"Thanks Steve, you really got what I wanted."
"Steve's passion for his work is refreshing...We would highly recommend Steve for any of his work."
" I am very pleased with the quality of my website and Steve’s professionalism"

Path on South Side of Milton Mill Pond facing East.
Image Credit: Steve Bonin ©2012, All rights reserved.

Why Choose HarrisWeb Creative?

Personalized, individualized service! My partners and I work daily using Skype and Google Hangouts much like a virtual office. Over the years we have all found niches where we excel and we freely trade knowledge and experience. We also do work for each other.

I do most work myself. I am proficient with graphic design, video editing and content writing. I am a very good HTML and CSS coder and have a working knowledge of JavaScript and PHP. I am Google AdWords Search Certified and have an excellent grasp of Google Analytics and Search Console.

I outsource any social media posting because it is a whole other job in itself. I also have others in my group do PHP/SQL Database manipulation, I can do it, but I am not proficient.

So what you get when you hire HarrisWeb Creative are the skills I have honed over decades and the expertise of some very smart individuals around the globe.

Stylized photo of Steve Bonin

How Much Do Websites Cost?

How much does it cost to build a website?

Domain Registration

Domain Registration, that is to register a domainname for your use only, is perhaps the cheapest part of owning a website. Usally domainnames cost between $4.00 to $15.00 this depends on the TLD - Top Level Domain you want, i.e. .com, .ca, .net, etc. Often time host providers, like BlueHost, offer the first year's registration for free with a hosting package. Domainnames should be easy to remember with no punctuation or spaces. Type it out and make sure the letters cannot be read differently like Experts Exchange became


Hosting is the next thing you will have to pay for. The price for hosting varies from about $3.00 per month to $50.00 per month. Often resellers charge high rates for managed hosting. Unless you have many changes and want someone to upload all those changes for you, hosting should be in the $6 - $12 range per month, paid annually. The level of customer service is important, call the hosting company and ask questions, see what kind of responses you get and base your hosting on they answer.

My thoughts on Hosting and Registration

I will setup hosting and register your domain for free but you will have to pay the hosting and registrar directly. In general I tell my clients to bank on $100.00 per year for this

Building a Website

Building a website is a complex task that will require a great deal of input from you. Most of my clients are not prepared for the level of involvement expected of them. The reality is, the more involved you are, the happier you will be with the outcome of your site.

Websites start at about $1000.00CDN, This will get you 1 or 2 pages. Most websites fall in the $2000 to $3000 dollar range.

Simple Formula for Pricing Websites

I use a general formula for pricing websites for clients:

  • Home Page $750
  • Normal Page $500
  • Simple Page $250
  • Super Simple Page $150

The Home Page costs more because all the design, colours, typography and navigation structure have to be worked out at this point. Normal pages usually contain some images, and 500 - 1000 words of content. Simple pages can contain an image and 250 - 500 words of content. A contact page, or about us page falls into this category. Super-simple pages include maybe one image, probably not, and very little content, like a Thank you page or custom 404 error page.

Specialty pages

Shopping Carts or photo galleries are priced separately and depend on the level of work involved.

Old P.L. Robertson train trestle over 16 mile creek.

Cost of SEO & Web Marketing

SEO & Marketing Varies with Client Niche

Every client requires different things to market their website. I have clients in the fashion industry that require a high level of social media contact and run facebook PPC campaigns. For other clients in the industrial sector social media is really minimal and AdWords PPC is more relevant to their niche. Another client, in the medical field, requires some social media, some AdWords PPC and continuous blog posting - so, everyone is different.

Different Pricing Levels

I work on different things for each client so I have constructed different packages for clients to choose from. All packages are paid monthly on the first of the month, minimum of 3 months.

Maintenance Only

includes 2 hours per month:


Can include

  • update to page, i.e. change address or add link
  • Plugin, theme, wordpress core updates
  • Hosting issues

Cannot include:

  • Article writing
  • New page creation
  • Google analytics
  • Adwords campaign monitoring or creation

Bronze Package

includes 4 hours per month:


Can include

  • Everything in Maintenance Package
  • Assigned projects
  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords/PPC campaign monitoring or creation

All work is to be performed on a single day each month; work date to be predefined. All projects must be submitted before work date. Any overruns will attributed to next month's allotted time.

Silver Package

includes 8 hours per month + 2 hours overrun:


Can include

  • Everything in Maintenance Package
  • Assigned projects
  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords/PPC campaign monitoring or creation
  • Content creation
  • New page creation
  • Annual Keyword research & implementation

All work is to be performed weekly, 2 hours per week. Overruns of 2 hours per month are allowed to finish projects.

Gold Package

includes 16 hours per month + 4 hours overrun:


Can include:

  • Everything in Maintenance Package
  • Assigned projects
  • Regular content creation
  • New page creation
  • Weekly Analytics monitoring
  • Weekly AdWords/PPC campaign monitoring and adjusments
  • Ongoing keyword research & implementation

All work is to be performed weekly, 4 hours per week. Overruns of 4 hours per month are allowed to finish projects.