Website Design

Harrisweb Creative is a freelance website design company in Milton Ontario. We go beyond expectations in Website Design, Mobile Responsive Code, Superior UX, UI, & SEO friendly layouts. Our designs are unique, visually engaging and memorable. We develop websites from the ground up designing custome layouts and writing our own code making it all work together seamlessly. Our code is lean allowing for fast load times on mobile devices. Our websites are mobile responsive to the design, what responsive should look like, rendering beautifully on all screen sizes and dimensions. What Your Website Designer Should be Asking You

Custom Website Design

Each business has a flavour, an audience and unique selling proposition, either a unique product or a unique way of selling a product. We believe that each business deserves its own custom design, reflecting who they are and what they do in a very personal way. In business today we have Our Customers, a group of people who by from us because they like the way we do things; this should be reflected in our online presence.

User Interface

UI or User Interface is part of Custom Website Design. We engage and interact with our customers in a particular way, that keeps them coming back to us. Our website user interface should reflect the individual way we do business.

User Experience

At its core is the enhancement of the experience between the user and the interface. The user experience should be an easy transaction, with tidbits that increase customer satisfaction. This can be an ongoing process that moves into web development.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile friendly design or responsive design is the process of rendering a website on different screen sizes. There are a few ways to do this. Many content management systems (CMS) code with screen sizes in mind, they set standardized screen sizes and ensure that content will fit in the space provided. We use a different approach that responds to the design itself. We do this by using tools that will shrink the screen, and at the point the design "breaks" we adjust the element properties such that the design will render on that screen size and still keep the design consistant. Why Design a Mobile Friendly Website for Your Business?

SEO Friendly Layouts

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process of using onsite and offsite techiques that will help a web page rank higher in search engine results (SERPs). The onsite techniques include, structure, navigation, HTML tags, linking and keywords. These onsite considerations must be tacked down before any off-site work, like marketing, should be undertaken.SEO Onsite Basics

Small Business Websites

We understand the needs of small business websites, I have run a small business for 30+ years, time and money are always at a premium. Within the space of a few meetings I will have enough to build your small business website and we offer monthly payment terms to ease the burden of getting started on the web.

Website Ideas

In the articles and blog section, I have a few examples of different types of websites I have built. You can look through them and get some ideas Web Page Examples