Website Design

Harrisweb Creative is a freelance website design company in Milton Ontario. We go beyond expectations in Website Design, Mobile Responsive Code; creating superior user interface designs resulting in a memorable user experience, while maintaining SEO friendly layouts. Our website designs are unique, visually engaging and memorable. We develop websites from either the ground up, designing custom layouts and writing our own code, or using WordPress and customizing the theme to your needs.

Websites of all Sizes

Though we work on websites that have hundreds of pages we specialize in sites that contain 5 to 50 pages. These sites usually represent small to medium sized local businesses that are either marketing their bricks and mortar store-fronts or are selling a niche product online. We understand the needs of these types of businesses where time and money are at a premium and web pages must be results oriented. We offer these businesses monthly payment terms to ease the burden of getting started on the web.

Custom Website Design

We are not a template driven agency, trying to fit your business into pre-made boxes. We believe each business deserves its own custom website design, reflecting who they are and what they do. Your business has a flavour, an audience and unique selling proposition which need to be reflected in the design of your web pages.

SEO Friendly Layouts

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process of using on-site and off-site techniques that will help a web page rank higher in search engine results. We start this process by defining a core set of keywords that represent your business and its goals in the marketplace. These keywords are reflected in the on-site considerations of structure, navigation, HTML tags and linking of your website. If you are interested in learning what these on-site considerations are, you can read about them in: SEO Onsite Basics

Send us an email, let us know what you need and request a quote.

Mobile Responsive Design

With North American mobile web access topping 50% in 2016, it is more important than ever to have a mobile friendly design so your website renders beautifully on different screen sizes. Many content management systems, including WordPress, render web pages to standardized screen sizes, which is not always beautiful. We believe the design should adjust to the elements of the web page so that it will render beautifully on any screen size while maintaining the design consistency. Further reading: Why Design a Mobile Friendly Website for Your Business?

Mobile Speed Design

Our code is naturally lean for fast load times on mobile devices or, in the case of WordPress, we understand what needs to happen to ensure fast load times. Using the Google Test My Site Tool we make your website 100% mobile friendly and in the top 10% for mobile loading speed so your clients will not become frustrated and leave.

Website Ideas

In the articles and blog section, we have a few examples of different types of websites we have built. You can look through them and get some ideas Web Page Examples. If you are looking for a website designer here is a post from 2015 about What Your Website Designer Should be Asking You