Guide to Writing Google Reviews – updated 2016

Help exceptional businesses prosper, while providing a much needed community service to consumers

How to Write a Google Review to Help Local Business

How to write a Google Review because some quaint, out-of-sight diner exceeded your expectations, or maybe you found a fake nail in your over-salted, far-too-expensive garden salad. A utopia where all deserving businesses get their fair share of praise (and all undeserving businesses are shamed into shaping up) does not yet exist – but by leaving an honest and detailed review, you have taken a step in helping exceptional businesses prosper while providing a much needed community service to your fellow patrons!

So how’s it done? Our helpful guide begins…

1. It’s all in the details

All in the Details

First and foremost, the reader would like an idea of what your experience entailed. Did you have your eyebrows waxed or your nails done? Did you order the restaurant’s buffet special or a bowl of rice to go?

Go into the details of when/where/what took place that made you want to share it with the Internet.


2. Be specific

What was good? What was bad? Why?

As a side note, try to include both the strengths and the weaknesses. Nothing is perfect, and listing both the pros and cons will convey a more genuine, personal, and relatable experience.

3. Spelling and Grammar

The earth won’t collapse if you misspell ‘peculiar’ or accidentally write ‘the’ twice – just try to keep your level of grammar above that of the average Jersey Shore (or Soprano’s) cast member’s. An intelligent feel will fashion a greater level of trust from your readers.

And of course, as with everything, give a quick read through before hitting Enter.

4. Be Bold*

Be Bold

Literally. Bold anything particularly extraordinary or noteworthy.  Often readers scan reviews in a hurry, and bolded text will speak louder.

And yet…


5. Don’t be afraid to write longer reviews

If a consumer wants to make a truly informed decision they will gladly read your (well-written) 5-paragraph essay. Some read every word, some glance. It all depends on who your readers are, which leads to…

6. Identify your audience

Who are you writing the review for? Truck lovers? Cat lovers? Newlyweds moving into an apartment in dire need of a renovation? Various businesses offer various services and your review should name names.

If you’re captivated by the fact that this PetSmart has an exceptionally sizable cat sweater selection, make it one of your first points so as to attract the attention of your particular audience.


And there you have it. 

Writing detailed and relatable reviews – whether for local, national, or international businesses is a way for you to take an active role in improving the market of goods and services available – all through praising the positive, alerting of the negative and, once again, moving a step closer to that earlier mentioned utopia we all dream of.

Video: How to Post a Review on Google

This video will provide you with step-by-step instructions on posting your reviews.

There’s no sense in writing good reviews if no one sees them!

How to Post a Google Review – updated 2015

*Google Reviews does not provide you with the option of making your text bold, however many other review forums do.


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