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SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the the process of increasing the visibility of your web page in the Search Engine Results Page - SERPs.

HarrisWeb Creative is a web development company located in Milton Ontario and offers SEO services to clients in Toronto and most of Ontario.

Businesses that rank on the first page of Google average over 70% of the clicks for most searches and the top position gets about half of those; so ranking in search plays an important role in a business's overall success.

We research your industry using the latest SEO concepts and tools, then determine goals and a strategy to meet them. We will execute these strategies, measure and report outcomes to you, then adjust as necessary. In this way we ensure continual improvement of your web pages.

SEO Services

Website Design

Website design & web development are really two different services that are often confusing because the terms are used interchangeably.

At HarrisWeb Creative, we see website design as the visual aspects of a web page that includes fonts, colour, overall layout and appeal to the user.

Web development gets a little more technical and will involve the programming or coding of the web page - bringing the design to life using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. We also view web development as the continuous improvement of a web page.

Both these disciplines are part of creating the User Interface - UI and User Experience - UX. We layout our own graphics and write our own code, seamlessly integrating the design, responsiveness and functionality of your web pages to deliver a superior UI and UX.

Website Design
Web Development

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is communicating a message using images, fonts and a balance between white-space and colour.

HarrisWeb Creative is expert in stunning Graphic design centred around connecting your message to the audience. We started out in the graphic design field doing layouts for print media in the 1980's. We have seen the changes that digital media has wrought in design and understand, that now, more than ever, a design must connect to an audience at lightening speed and deliver a high-impact, single themed message.

Today's audiences are bombarded with an endless stream of messages, all vying for attention. Your message must connect quickly and be memorable - Graphic Design is how it is done.

Graphic Design


Printing is still a viable form of communication and in some industries, it is still the preferred form of communication. In most industries, printed media acts as an adjunct to digital media assets.

HarrisWeb Creative has offered Quality Printing Services for 3 generations. It is easier and cheaper to obtain high quality, fast printing services than ever before.

Printing is a complex and technical field. The design parameters for print media are complicated and unyielding, more so than for digital media where resolutions are lower, pixels can be changed with a few keystrokes. Print requires a greater attention to detail and a greater understanding of various materials.

We started printing for clients in 1957 and designing for print in the 1980's. We have the experience to deliver the quality printing services you require.

Printing Services