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Website Development • Graphic Design
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Steve Bonin - HarrisWeb Creative 2011

Hello, I'm Steve Bonin, Creative Director at HarrisWeb Creative. HarrisWeb Creative offers custom website design, professional SEO service, Stunning Graphic Arts & Quality Printing Services in Milton Ontario & Toronto Area. My background is in engineering, business management, graphic arts, website design + devlopment, copy writing and search engine optimization (SEO). I create effective brand recognition for my clients through Website Design + Development, SEO, Social Media and Printed Collateral.

My varied background gives me the unique ability to understand technology and software, along with; the human condition and the interface between the two i.e. design. My perspective on how people search and understand things allows me to design user interfaces that allow users to easily navigate through information they want - creating a superior user experience.

I am inspired by my client's ideas, products and messages and deliver them with precision and engagement - working across all media.

Website design + development is done by hand, line by line, to produce the best search engine optimization (SEO). Social Media is used for engagement with followers and to gain ranking and search engine results placement (SERP) for your website. My clients trust me with their message, love what I produce for them and are proud to show it off.

My greatest pleasure is to make my clients look great!

Website Design + Development

Website Design + Development

Website Design like graphic design starts by defining a few parameters of the project. Firstly, the product is defined; what do you want to sell. Then we need to establish a message that you want to convey about the product, often this goes hand-in-hand with the audience – who do you want to sell to. Once this is established the ideas of how the site will look begins to form. A colour scheme is established, fonts are chosen, categories are defined and a navigation structure is sketched out.

Once the design elements are formed the Website Development stage begins. This will include aspects that will be included for the audience and for search engine bots. More and more these two aspects are more closely related but there are still times when a balance between has to reached. Elements like keywords are chosen and content has to be written that incorporates keywords effectively while maintaining coherency for a superior user experience. Other elements like a blog, RSS newsfeed, social media feed, Google calendar feed have to be considered for importance to the user experience and inclusion into the site. Another consideration might be the inclusion of social media links.

Graphic Design - Graphics with muscle

Graphic Design Explained

Good Graphic Design always forms a connection amongst the Seller, the Product and the Audience. Graphic Design projects always start with these things in mind plus defining where the design will be used and how. A “pre-visual” concept must be formed that reflects the brand and the product to the audience. The audience must see themselves, or who they want to be reflected back at them.

Once the concept is formed then visuals and layout start to condense and solidify. A colour scheme is added based on message but limited by colour models of the media. Photography, either stock or custom, has to be acquired at this point. Fonts need to be reviewed for their impact on the message. And then the layout begins.

Our graphics tend toward big visuals, direct messages and calls to action. This tends to be an effective mix in today's marketplace where consumers are constantly on information overload. If you can capture consumers' attentions with large visuals, letting them know at a glance, what you are about then they are more apt to ingest the information you are offering in your text or follow the call to action you have proposed.

Commercial Printing

Printing & Printed Media

We Print Ink, the printing arm of HarrisWeb Creative, was a pioneer print broker in the Toronto Area. There are many different forms of printing, the standards like full-colour process or spot colour pantone, each requiring different machinery. Add to this wide format inkjet for roll-up banners and flat-bed inkjet to print directly to rigid substrates. Grand format which can print billboard size posters and others. When faced with the huge amount of space and equipment required to meet all these needs, most printers became either specialized in a particular form of printing or sold off their equipment and set themselves up as brokers.

One of the interesting developments that came out of this was that a single graphic artist could now provide all the different materials needed by a client. This created and consistency in artwork and quality across many printed media and allowed a small client to begin to create a brand - whereas in the past this was only available to larger businesses which employed art departments within their corporate structure. Today we are the art department for our clients. We store all their graphic collateral and print as needed. Many times we don't even see our clients except when needed. They send us emails as to their needs and the printed material shows up at their door a few days later.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO falls into 2 categories: on-site and off-site. The purpose of SEO is to optimize a website so that search engines like Google and Bing place your website higher in their SERP – Search Engine Results Page. It has been shown that the first 3 or 4 positions of the first SERP garner the lion'ss share of clicks for any search. So it is extremely important to rank as close to the top as possible.

Search engines rely on algorithms to determine who deserves the topmost positions within a search. The algorithms are in a constant state of change, trying to weed out those sites that try to beat the system and offer no real value to the searcher. Google's algorithm updates: Penguin, Panda and Penguin2.0 that have led to interesting lives for some SEO “experts”.

Real, long-lasting, update-proof SEO starts on-site with the optimization of META-tags and keyword rich content. The constant refreshing of content adds to the user experience so sites that constantly adding material tend to rank highly.

Off-site SEO is the process of using social media to inform followers that you have great content and when it refreshes. It is also used to build authority within a subject. Google is looking for ways to utilize authority and authorship ranking within their algorithm to bring their users the best possible experience.